Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Whats been happening.....

I have been re-reading The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy because I wanted to read something interesting :) Plus, the characters are awesome especially Marak, Seylin, Kate, Emily, Sable and Tinsel ;)
We didn't go to mass yesterday or on Sunday because we have all been sick or looking after sick people. I HATE being sick!! Did I mention that? :)
Been ticked off at Harry Potter for knocking off Return of the King from 3 down to 4 :( Come on which is cooler?!
We did some 
Assumption feast day stuff yesterday which was fun.
I watched Monte Carlo recently with Autumn and we love it and we watched it with Eden. :)
Autumn is going to a Deb ball in October and we are all actually going over on 23rd of September and we are staying for 2 weeks and we are going to be doing a lot of stuff very excited and we'll probably need to do Bilbo's and Frodo's Birthday party celebrations early!
Because we have been sick we've been watching a lot of movies such as: Bells on their Toes, How To Train your Dragon, Star Wars: A New Hope, and some other movies which I don't remember.
While watching 
A New Hope I was really glad that I just didn't like the new ones but that I liked the original as well because come on you gotta love the lines! :D
That's pretty much that's been going on!
Talk to you guys soon :)

God Bless


  1. Is this the first time you watched the original Star Wars movies?

  2. No James and Jacob I have watched them before except that I hadn't watched them in a while :)


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