Thursday, 5 May 2011

Miss Marple!!!!!

 On Tuesday night Saxon, Eden, Mummy, Autumn and I all watched Miss Marple:
The Moving finger!!!
It was the first time I had seen a Miss Marple and I didn't quite understand what made them so super except that they were murder mysteries!!

Funeral can you guess? 

So anyway we sat down and started to watch it. Saxon, Eden and me had to close our eyes at the start for some reason which I don't know why.
I found it very entertaining and a little more then a little scary!
Plot: People have been receiving nasty, horrible, letters.
The late Colonel Appleton received one such letter and after reading it thus, committed suicide. Miss Marple happens to be around and another

person commits suicide and then a maid is murdered!!
Who is the baddie? No-one knows. Miss Marple solves the case when another murder is about to be committed.
There is also a guy who's called Jerry and his sister who are coming to the country for Jerry's health.

Jerry helps Miss Marple with the case.
I liked it a lot!!! Like I said it was a bit scary and I wouldn't recommend it to any people younger then hmm maybe 13? I'm turning 13 this year so I guess that counts or that I am pretty mature :D I loved Jerry, Miss Marple (who doesn't?) Megan, and

Jerry's sister!!
The only other Miss Marple which mum said I could watch was at Bertram's hotel which isn't here from the library yet :( :(
I guess I shall have to wait!!!!!!!!
By the way it was very hard if you even guessed who the Murderer was!! And there was a few bad words in it.

God Bless

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  1. Dear Vellvin,
    Yes they are not for younger viewers. It was nice to watch with you
    Good review
    Love Mummy


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