Friday, 8 April 2011

I am Happy because.............

I am happy because............................
Okay here's a list of things I am happy about
I am happy about because my Dad and big brother Kynan are coming home tonight.
I am happy because Jesus loves me. <3

I am happy because I have such awesome friends on blogger.
I am happy because Lent is almost over.
I am happy because we said the Rosary.
I am happy because I am happy.
I am happy because I just changed my profile picture
I am happy because Corby's birthday is on Monday.

I am happy because the new pirates of the Caribbean will be out in a month.
I am happy because the baby will be born soon.

I am happy because I finished a awesome book called Enemy Brothers by Constance Savery and I want to read more of her books.
I am happy because I am going to go and write in a minute.
I am happy because I love blogging.
And I am happy because right this moment Autumn and Braedon are leaving to pick up Kynan and Dad!!!!!
Adios amigos!!!

God Bless

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  1. I am pleased that you have discovered Constance Savery, and I hope that you will try some of her other books. Her mother was Irish, but her father was descended from French Hugenots, and some of her books describe their persecution. These (Scarlet Plume, Silver Whistle, Rebel Jacqueline, Boy from Brittany) and The City of Flowers aren't recommended to Catholic readers. I do think you'd enjoy any of the books published by Bethlehem Books or by Longman, Green & Co. If you click on my name you will find a website devoted to Savery's life and work.


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