Tuesday, 12 April 2011


If you asked me at this exact moment who I thought was the best chess player in our house i wouldn't say me.
I would say Saxon and Dad. It is really annoying when you're about to win and then they muck up what you were just about to do!!
I played chess with Dad a few days ago and I had just got my queen back and besides my king and queen i had no-other piece to use so then Dad decided to kill my queen. and the of course after that it was check-mate.
Even though the proper way to play chess is you are suppose to kill the king I prefer when I am playing with Saxon, Rogan, Eden or anyone else I like just to kill all of the pieces on my enemy's side.
a few days ago Eden won a game of chess which She and I were playing and then the day after i won a game with Eden Vs. Me!!
Only a few days ago did we start playing chess again like really playing it lots. Not to mention that Saxon has a super awesome fabulous star wars chess set which is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much cooler then the classic chess board. Unfortunately when I play chess with Saxon i never win!! But I always want to win and sometimes it's like Saxon has killed one more piece then i have and then when I have finally get to the same number as he has in pieces he then kills another of my guys!!!
We have been playing with Saxon's awesome star wars chess set instead of the classic set but when I suggested it to Dad he said he couldn't see the symbols of each piece. :P
And yesterday Corbyn got some Toy story checkers and Autumn and Mummy this morning were playing and Autumn kept losing! :D

God Bless


  1. I haven't got a clue on how to play chess, I just prefer Checkers!


  2. I don't like chess. Wait you knew that didn't you sis?

  3. Dear Vellvin,
    I know you are learnign from this though.
    However I challenge you to a game of checkers, as I am good at that one.
    Love Mummy


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