Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Goody, goody Gumdrops!!!!!!

I know something you don't know. :D I am not left handed. :D
Just kidding that wasn't really the reason I am, posting now.
But I am right handed if that's what you're wondering. :D :D I'm crazy with smiley faces aren't I?
Well the reason I am posting is to tell you this:
John Flanagan is writing a new series of books called Brotherband!!!! Book one is called The Outcasts!!!
BTW These are some of the Rangers Apprentice books. :D
It is based in Skandia!!! I♥ve the Skandians. And you might even meet up with some characters from Rangers Apprentice!! Plus, Rangers Apprentice book 11 is coming out in November and The Outcasts is coming out  on October the 3rd and then on the 8th of November Inheritance comes out so I know what I am doing in November and October :D :D
If you want to check it out go to this link and then press the FB page on the side! 

God Bless


  1. Dear Vellvin,
    Yes we will havelots of reading material to play with.
    Who gets to go first though???
    Love Mummy

  2. I love the Ranger's Apprentice books, though I only recently discovered. Them. I'll have to keep my eyes open for the new series. And I love Skandians too. Oh, and I love the quote at the start. The Princess Bride is awesome.

  3. That is wonderful news! I so want to read the new John Flanagan books, and I've been waiting for what seems like forever for the Inheritance.

  4. @Mummy you'll have to read the new John Flanagan ones first. As for Inheritance I am sooooooooooooooo getting my own copy! And Rangers Apprentice? Well me? :D
    @Imogen The Princeass Bride is awesome. What book are you up to in RA?
    @Anna Yes, I know what you mean by waiting ages. :D


  5. Book 11 Ranger's Apprentice? Rats, that means I'm near the end of another series. But at least there's the Outcasts.


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