Thursday, 3 March 2011

For anyone who is interested.

Here is a link to the next trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
I think its going to be great!!!
May the 20th!! So long to wait!!

God Bless


  1. That movie creeps me out...sorry...I'm raining your party...

  2. i think the 'x' shaped scar on his face is new!

    He's a funny guy, the first movie was good, but admittedly I didn't care for the second and third one as much. Jack Sparrow seemed to go from BRILLIANTLY CRAZY, to just more crazy. I hope this one's good! Are you going to go see it in theaters, Vellvin?

  3. @Ashley it probably wouldn't make very much sense to you because there are actually 3 movies of Pirates of the Caribbean before this one.
    @Monica the first one is my absolute favourite!! (until of course the fourth comes out and I will judge if I think it is better then the other ones). I think Blackbeards daughter is gonna drive me crazy because She'll probably be worst then Elizabeth was and I'm pretty sure Jack's sort of really likes her.
    I do plan to go to the movies when it comes out. What about you?
    Oh and I think the 2nd one is my least fav.

  4. LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. YAY! And you will be happy to know that I just watched the first one for my very first time. :) I loved it. :)


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