Monday, 28 March 2011

My favourite soundtrack from a movie......................

I would have to say that this is my absolute favourite main theme song from movie.

Yep, pirates of the Caribbean I think that it is better then even Lord of the rings!! Maybe just because it is more lively.
My favourite soundtrack for Lord of the Rings
is Concerning Hobbit's.
Which do you think are you're favourite?????

God Bless


  1. Dear Vellvin,
    Love POTC one too
    love Mummy

  2. I love Concerning Hobbits. I always listen to that one first before I listen to any of the othr tracks. My other favourite piece is The Black Rider. I seem to only like the music from The Fellowship of the Ring but I really love that music. I've still got to see the Pirates of the Carribean


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