Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Most Awesome things about being Catholic

I'm Catholic and because of that I decided that I wanted to do this blog post. No offence meant to anyone who doesn't have the same opinion as I do.

Number one: Going to Mass and Communion.
There is nothing as beautiful as going to to Mass. It says in the catechism that nothing not all the money in the world or everything valuable in the whole entire world cannot buy a Mass. It is beautiful and nothing can compare with it. You receive Jesus into your body and soul when you receive communion although it might not look like anything special to an outsider the fact is it is the most special sacrament of all. Because in fact, you are receiving your Savior into yourself. We always genuflect before we Communion because you are saluting your king and showing your respect and giving him glory. Now, its hard to believe that Our Lord can be in something so small and normal looking but all you have to do is believe with your whole heart and though it does still taste like bread and wine and still looks like it it isn't. It's God......and its also spiritual food. It changes during the consecration when the priest says "This is my body which will be given up for you." and the same with the wine and than he genuflects holding the host and it is no longer bread, it is Jesus. 

Number Two: Confession
Some people (like myself) find going to confession can be extremely stressful but the beauty of this sacrament is that after you have gone you fell really peaceful and just go and do your penance and try to do better. Jesus forgives all those people who are truly sorry and want to try always to be more like him. 

Number Three: Asking Saints, Angels, people in Purgatory, and Mary to pray for us.
Last night we started on a novena to Our Lady Un-doerer of Knots and the pray was soooo beautiful.
As Catholics we are forbidden to worship Mary but we are able (and do) honour her for she is the Queen of Heaven and of Earth and is Mother to Jesus and us all. We also ask her to pray for us and intercede for us, she's God's Mum, after all, and Jesus listens to her all the time because she is his Mother. 
Mary might be the best to pray to but we can also pray to other people too such as, Angels e.g. St. Raphael. People in Purgatory (which you can also offer up those little everyday struggles for so that they can reach heaven much faster than on their own) If you offer up your daily struggles for them they'll pray for you when they get to heaven and pray by all means, is always helpful. 
Anyway bit sidetracked *clears throat* moving another example could be your Patron Saints you chose at your confirmation (e.g. my full name is Vellvin Faine Catherine Agnes O.) Catherine is Saint Catherine of Siena who had been on my patron Saint list for years and St. Agnes I found so wonderful and her story so inspiring.
Blessed people like Blessed Pope John Paul the II or Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta you can pray to them as well even though they haven't been canonised yet. 

Number Four: Saying the Rosary
Now, I'm pretty sure that only Catholics say the Rosary but correct me if I'm wrong.
It's a beautiful prayer (or prayers you could say) I have a book which Autumn made for me for Christmas 2010 which had a picture of the Holy Trinity for the Apostles Creed, a picture of Pope Benedict the sixteenth for the 'Our Father, three Hail Mary's and Glory Be' And than pictures for the Luminous, Joyful, Glorious and Sorrowful. My personal favourite is Joyful though Sorrowful (I think) is nice to meditate on. Than I have a picture of Mary holding the Brown Scapular with Jesus in her arms, a picture of St. Michael the Archangel and than a really nice picture of Jesus. It takes about twenty minutes to pray it together each night for my Family (at least, this doesn't apply to anyone else) though we sometimes do three decades as well. This is one of the most powerful prayers in the whole world because it is dedicated to Mary and you are in fact, asking Mary (once again) to intercede And she has, as we all know, the ear of Jesus.

Number Five: Having really cool churches with big steeples and cool cathedrals, statues, altar cloths, patens, chalices, vestments, pews, hymn books, hymns, music, altars, flowers, and of course the most important: The Tabernacle.
All of these things help to remind you that you are in church that you are worshipping your king and you will receive him in communion. I do know that there are other denominations which ahve beautiful churches as well though.

Number Six: My Confirmation
I don't actually remember my First Communion very well because we were Anglican and I don't think I actually understood what it was but after we became Catholic (around 2006) I began to learn about my faith more. Confirmation is you repeating the beliefs which your Godparents and Parents said that they would teach you. It's saying yes, but instead of you being the little baby in the really nice baptismal gown you are actually saying this is what you believe and you are becoming a Adult in the eyes of the Church as it is said "A Soldier for Christ" and that is when you have a special seal placed upon your soul to show (though no one of us can see it) that that, is what you believe and The Bishop slaps you (Or something very like it) to show that you are going out into the world and that you will be persecuted (that is what the slap signifies) I didn't get a slap but I got something like it. It is something very different from anything else which I remember. I don't remember much of my first communion but my confirmation was something very different for me. Before we became Catholic I had my first Communion so you could say it was my first sacrament which I received in the Catholic Church.

Number Seven: Being a God parent.
I am a God mother to Trahaearn, as is Eden and Saxon is his only God Father. I got him a rosary and a small cross on his baptism and I'll always try to show and explain to him the faith from the simplest to the most complicated concepts of the Catholic Church. In short I'm
proud to be catholic!

God Bless

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