Friday, 16 May 2014

May Movie Quote Quiz edition

Hi everyone! Long time no see, right? Well look I'm finally back! Things have sizzled down here (at last) and are getting back to normal. Thank you to everyone who offered a prayer for my sister, we got her to see reason, Praise the Lord!

And now, I'm back and ready to once more be doing some blogging. And now, this month's MQQ.
The Rules:
1. Don't look any of the quotes up on the internet, or any other "looking-up" device.
2. Submit your answers in a comment on this post. You may submit as many comments as you need to, depending on when you remember the different quotes.
3. You score one point for every correct answer you submit -that's telling me what movie the quote is from- and you can also earn an extra point by telling me who said the quote!
4. You MAY ask immediate family members (parents, siblings, pets, etc.) for help and you MAY watch a movie again to see if one of the quotes is in it (of course, that would probably be a waste of time, but whatever :P
Three new rules I have added:
5. I am the judge, some of the answers that people give are some times rather obscure and hard to work out. I reserve the right to judge if they got the point (for the people or movie it doesn't matter).
6. If you say the characters, but not the movie, you still get a point.
7. Have fun!

1. "Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?"

2. "My dear chap, I never would have dreamt of depriving you of your moment of triumph. Alas, a moment was all I could spare."

3. "Why do you need a tree? It just... sticks out of the ground and it does what? I don't even know what it does. Come on, honey, dance with the tree." "Oh, it hurts, mom. Please stop."

4. "Your blood pressure, Mr. (name). Your wife told me to tell you to watch the anger."  "YOU TELL MY WIFE............Thank you. Continue." "Time to take your pill. Not that one. Not that one. Drink plenty of water."

5. "I told you, I don't like to be manhandled!"
"No, I will manhandle you, (name)! Now listen, guys, what is your problem, huh? Why can't you just get along?"
"Look, we're men. We fight, okay? That's what we do!"
"It's kinda how we pass the time."

6. " (name), your sister has a report card. Doesn't that mean you should have one too?" "Uh... No."

7. "O? No, I call ladies 'O.' To me O is feminine, and K is masculine. You know, I see a couple, I'm like, 'O-K.' "
Watching The Game Plan, can't you tell?

8. "I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food."
9. "Your Highness, there's your opening if you'll take my advice..."
"Lord (name), forgive me but you seem to have confused me with a member of your club. I am not your drinking companion nor your whist partner. I am the husband of your sovereign. And as such, I will make my own decisions, and I neither seek nor invite your advice. Good evening."

10. "Day 11, Test 37, Configuration 2.0. For lack of a better option, Dummy is still on fire safety. If you douse me again, and I'm not on fire, I'm donating you to a city college. Seriously, we're just gonna start off with 1% thrust capacity. And three... two... one. Please don't follow me around with it either because I feel like I'm going to catch on fire spontaneously. Just stand down. If something happens, then come in."

It ends 24th of May, have fun! :)

God Bless


  1. 8 Bruce from Finding Nemo
    That's all sorry!

  2. 3. is from the Lorax, and Ted's mom says it :)
    6. is from Ramona and Beezus, and Ramona's dad says it :)

  3. The Winter Soldier: Captain America in the elevator. P.S. it was a great movie.
    The Scarlet Pimpernel: Sir Percival Blakeney. P.S. Ean Mckellen was the terrific bad guy!
    8: Finding Nemo: Bruce the shark.
    10:Iron Man: Tony Stark and the hilarious fire extinguisher.
    Lots of fun doing this quizz. Don't think I won but it was fun. Glad about your sister.

  4. 1. Captain America the winter solder. Captain America.

    3. The Lorax. Ted and Ted' mother.

    8. finding Nemo. Brute.

    I know it's pethtic I just can't get them. I sure I know number 5.

  5. By the way thank you for writing a post. : D

    1. Your welcome! I'm so glad I'm back! :)

  6. Vellvin I did your star wars who are you and I was Emperor Palpatine. : ( :(
    I am not happy.


    1. Princess, haha! :) I can understand you not being very happy but forgive me will I chuckle. ;)

  7. oh num 5. is night at the museum. said by jebadia the romen dude and the man actor forgot his name oops! : )

  8. Did I win the competition or is it still going on? Do you erase posts so that nobody can get answers that way? Thats a good idea, just wondering where my posts go.

  9. Here's my answers
    1 Captain America: The
    Winter Soldier , Captain America
    2 The Scarlet Pimpernel.
    3 the Lorax, Ted and his mummy.
    4 Spiderman
    5 Night at the Museum, Larry, Jedediah,Octavius
    6 Ramona and Beezus,Ramona and her Daddy
    7 Men in Black, agent J
    8 Finding Nemo the Sharks
    9 Young Victoria, Melbourne, Albert
    10 Iron Man, Tony Stark

  10. Thank you to everyone who participated! It was great fun and I look forward to next months quiz! :D


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