Monday, 19 May 2014

I think I'm officially X-Mened

So early this year I watched the first and second X-Men's. They are my sister Autumn's official number one 'super hero' movies. Although they are really quite different from any other super hero movies, and if I was classing them, I'd say that they were mutant movies, but that doesn't make much sense unless you've actually seen them.
Anyway, as most X-men fans know, X-Men: Days of Future Past is coming out in a few days at the movies. Some friends want to go and see it with us. The same who came to see Captain America: Winter Soldier with us. Also, I've pretty much dumped that blog post as it is now a while since I've seen it. Maybe I'll review when ti comes out on DVD or something. Rabbit trail.
Anyway so going to see that means that I need to watch the other X-Men movies for it to make any sense. So on Friday night we sat down to watch X-Men: First Class. Now, before watching this movie I thought X-Men were okay, but that the franchise was not one that was really going to 'click' with me. Boy was I wrong!

X-Men: FS has got to be the best out of the four I have seen. It was so good! I loved all of it. It also had great back-story and really set up the other X-Men movies and explains some of the people and their stories. Most notably, Charles Xaiver, Erick Lensherr, and Mystique. My personal favourtie character was, wait for it: Professor X. Okay, I just loved him! He was so cool! I had hear the line 'It's a mutation, it's actually a very groovy mutation many times before. And then I finally heard it on the movie! We quote it better though. :) Magneto had an interesting story-line, but I didn't really connect with him. Mystique was good until, mmm, probably the middle.
The finale and ending were also really good! I can't really take Professor X's line seriously though: 'I can't feel my legs!' Because this is all I can think of:

Obviously Frozen has rubbed off on me good. :) But it was kind of sad because you know that he is just stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.
We watched The Last Stand last night, and frankly, I didn't think much of it. Yes, it might set it up for the DOFP but it doesn't mean that I'll be in a hurry to watch it again.
So you could say that I've been x-trenmly busy watching x-tra cool movies. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Now all I've got to do is wait for that trip to the movies, and maybe, who knows, I could fit int eh two Wolverine movies before then. :D
And it is time for me to go to bed! Good night!

God Bless


  1. LOL, I always like making Xtra X-puns when talking about the Xceptional X-Men movies. :) I agree, First Class is the best of the X-Men movies! I also agree that The Last Stand was just OK-ish, and not that good. I am glad that you are an X-Fan now. I actually watched the first X-Men movie in theaters, and it is one of the reason why I became a comic book fan. Also, if you can, I would recommend watching The Wolverine since the after credits scene sets up for DOFP, and the movie is actually really good (not as good as First Class or X2).

    I can't wait for DOFP!


    1. :D Who wouldn't when there is such an opportunity for them! Yep, First Class is da bomb! Yeah, it didn't really make that much sense and maybe it didn't flow properly? I don't know it just was the worst one I've seen of them. So am I. :) Yes, I remember you mentioning it on your blog that would have been really cool!
      I'll have to see what I can do about it. I love after-credit scenes they are always so fun!

      Me neither! :)

      God Bless,

  2. X-men isn't my kind of thing. I hope that the new one is really good. Just a note. Don't watch X-men Origins:Wolverine. We did and its not that great. P.S. The new wolverine movie is really graphic to.
    Anyway could you please visit my blog and write a short review on the story I just posted? Pretty please. I need feedback...I am going to tone down the sewer part. P.P.S. Do you folks have dollar theaters in australia? Maybye pound theaters? :) How much do movies cost over there?

    1. It wasn't really my kind of thing either until I saw First Class! :) So do I. I've heard that it is not the best, but I'd also like to watch as many as I can before I see DOFP. :)

      I would be glad to! Just as soon as I find time, I'll try and do it in the next few days. :)
      They vary from 2D or 3D and adult, concession and child. For me they are from 12.50 to probably 15.50? I'm not exactly certain.....No, we don't, I've heard about them, though! They sound like a good idea! Thanks for the comment, Benjamin! :D

  3. I was thinking of watching them the other day. I think will deffinately have to now!

    1. :D They are pretty good. I found X-Men 2 a little hard to follow, though. :)


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