Saturday, 22 February 2014

What I owe BBC

BBC stands for 'British Broadcasting Company' and it's one of the most amazing companies ever, (because most companies are boring). But seriously I love the BBC, nothing can compare, with it's amazing (dare I use that phrase again?) Well, actually today I am only talking about the two that come to mind which I love and have seen more than once. :) Also, I can't think of a lot of other BBC adaptations I've seen all the way thorugh. :)

Pride and Prejudice (1995)

How can I describe this perfect beyond all perfect adaptation of my dear cousin's work, well, to tell the truth, I only just finished watching this, this afternoon, with most of my family, as Dad got home a little earlier from work, and Autumn wanted to watch it before she went back to college. It is one of the funnies movies ever!
When you are little, you don't understand what is so funny, but when you are older, from Mrs. Bennet's handkerchief waving, to hissing whenever you see Wicked Wickam, to grinning when Mr. Darcy smiles, to feeling supremely happy when they kiss at the end.

Ah, now that is what makes this the best adaptation, that ever was, or ever shall be. :)

Sherlock Wallpaper by Brown-Eyed-Rocker

Sherlock (2010-)
Sherlock is amazing! Period, exclamation mark. It is one of the best shows out there. It was my introduction to Sherlock Holmes, what introduced me to the detective and his best friend. The characters, the script, the storyline, the actors! Oh yes, and sooooo quotable, and it makes me laugh, and I love the charcters, even new ones like Mary, she's awesome! Everything is amazing! And yes, Benedict Cumberbatch is my new favourite actor. Problem? Good, I'm glad that's cleared up. :P

But besides being great adaptations of A.C. Doyle's work, they are also great episodes to watch without having read the books, oh and a fair amount better than the R.Downey jr. films as well. And Elementary, do not speak to me of it! This is to date, the only Sherlock Holmes movies/t.v. show I have seen all the way through, besides the Great Mouse Detective, which I love as well. :)
I love this, worst enemies, and they have tea while threatening. 
It will be interesting to see where the series will go, I'm hoping that season four will come out very soon, but I hope that they do not ruin it by making Moriarty come back.

So obviously as you can see, I owe BBC  a lot. Imagine what it would be like if BBC didn't exist! That would indeed be terrible!

God Bless


  1. I really enjoyed Pride and Prejudice. I think that version was better than the other.

    1. P&P IS AMAZING!!! :D I agree emphatically, I hate the 2005 version. :)
      Thanks for the comment, Sophie! :D
      God Bless,

  2. Nice post! Some really great things have come from the BBC. Especially Sherlock. The Great Mouse Detective is fun too. :)
    (I'll try to reply to your email soon!)

    1. :D Thanks! Oh, yes, BBC is amazing, and if we didn't ahve BBC we wouldn't ahve Sherlock, adn if we didn't ahve Sherlock we'd have no idea what we were missing! Oh, my word, yes, and Fidget, well, Fidget is hysterical. :)
      :D No problem.


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