Monday, 24 February 2014

Movie Quote Quiz: February Edition

The Rules: 1. Don't look any of the quotes up on the internet, or any other "looking-up" device.
2. Submit your answers in a comment on this post. You may submit as many comments as you need to, depending on when you remember the different quotes.
3. You score one point for every correct answer you submit -that's telling me what movie the quote is from- and you can also earn an extra point by telling me who said the quote!
4. You MAY ask immediate family members (parents, siblings, pets, etc.) for help and you MAY watch a movie again to see if one of the quotes is in it (of course, that would probably be a waste of time, but whatever :P

1. "Now, it's no use arguing anymore. No more talk until morning." "He won't be here in the morning.  "Huh? Oh yes, he will, I... (NAME)! HOLD IT, (NAME)!"

2. "Where are you?" "Stop talking. Start the van." "(name), the, uh, mean D- Declaration lady is behind you."

3."It is no concern of mine whether or not your family has... what was it again?" "Umm... food?" "Ha! You really should have thought of that before you became peasants!"

4."Forgive me, Your Highness, I did not see you." "Your aim would suggest otherwise."

5. “Mmm. Lost a planet, (NAME) has. How embarrassing. How embarrassing.”

6. "(NAME), can you drop us off a block from the school? I don't want to cause a riot with this hearse." "This is a non-riot hearse. If it were a hearse, there would be silence in the backseat."

7. "You should know that this is the strangest thing I've ever done!" "How 'bout best two out of three?"

8."They be my charts!"
"Well, that makes you...chartman."
"Stow it! Both of you! That's an order! Understand?" "Sorry. I just thought with the Captain issue in doubt, I'd throw my name in for consideration, sorry."
"I'd vote for you."

9."Uncle, It's me, (NAME). You came to my eighth birthday party. You gave me a subscription to Algebra Monthly."
"(NAME)? (NAME)! No, (NAME) was a much smaller boy."
"But that was five years ago."
"Was it? Well, err... I should think he'd be about your age by now. I wonder what he's doing."

10."We'll be alright (NAME). We're the lucky ones, you and me. Lucky since the day I met you."

It ends Friday 28th. And I think that some of the qoutes are a little mroe challenging. Anyway, have fun!

God Bless

1 comment:

  1. I do not recognize many of these at all but here it goes...

    Number 2 is from National Treasure...

    Number 5 is said by Yoda from Attack of the Clones... I think

    And those are all I recognize. :)



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