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A Consulting Detective

A Consulting Detective? What a strange and amusing notion.
But its true. :P There is such an occupation as consulting detective......or there is in the BBC series titled
So far there are two seasons of Sherlock and six episodes  Two seasons and six episodes its true is not that much but when its 90 minutes long its pretty good. (Or though they could go longer or something or be more of them in the series.
Also be warned there is a spoiler in the Final Problem but there is a warning of Spoiler Alert! in red and I would advise that you don't read it. Otherwise this is a spoiler free post or as good as I can make it.

Now, you might have guessed you may have not, who my favourite character was.
Hmmm, lets see....
Did you guess right? How can Sherlock NOT be anyone's favourite character in this series. He's smart, he's a know-it-all and isn't very quiet about it. Moriarty calls his 'Sir Boast-a-lot. In fact, he is extremely smart except where the Solar System is concerned. I love how is normal outfit is his trench coat and scarf. No, he doesn't wear a hat all the time and he hates them too. He doesn't always answer his phone and when he's engrossed in something or just feeling lazy he asks John to.

 It's great when he plays his violin and how he does his deep meditations, breathing deeply and goes into his 'Mind Palace'. He's a bit harsh, with his dealings with people and you would expect to find a severed head in the cupboard when he is around.
Did anyone else like how he makes John coffee in The Hounds of Baskerville to show that his sorry and John keeps telling him that it's alright.

 The end of the Great Game was really cool. 'And I am sure you know what my answer will be.' That part with Henry in The Hounds of Baskerville was great how he demands Henry to be quiet and smoke! :D Such a Sherlock thing to do. And despite what he says he is actually a hero and he does have a heart 'I am told I don't have one'
And than at the end of the Final Problem where you see him and you are so relieved but you are still trying to work out how he did it. :P

John Watson is my second favourite character, he's not as smart as Sherlock or, as inquisitive, he's a soldier and he knows how to use a gun, which is very helpful and he is a great friend to Sherlock. He reads a LOT of newspapers and is a little more smart than Sherlock thinks sometimes 'I took a photo of it' From the Blind Banker. He writes a blog and gets a lot more hits than Sherlock's 'The Science of Deduction'
I loved it how he said at the start of the Final Problem, "My best friend, Sherlock...." Those two words 'best friend' are great.
He does say a couple of swear words though. :(

Oh, yeah, and I don't like Moriarty. He's creepy he actually reminds me of Rumpelsiltskin from Shrek when he telling the story of Sir Boast a lot and there are clouds in the background. 'Every Good fairy tale needs a good old fashioned villian'

So here are the three episodes for season one:
1# A Study in Pink, rated as number two on my favourites list
A Study in Pink was a very good episode to watch, it is the first episode so you see how Sherlock and Watson meet and how their friendship begins. It was a very elusive episode and one where when you found out how the bad guy had killed his victims was chilling  This has got to be one of the most creepy Sherlock's but one of the best.
2# The Blind Banker , rated as number three on my favourites list. This episode was not as good as a Study in Pink. It had some great lines from Watson but Sherlock wasn't as funny. I didn't think the bad guy was that great either but the end well, the end *cough, cough* you just have to jump to the next episode for
3# The Great Game, rated as number one on my favourites list. Well lets just say that it is awesome and the part where Sherlock is pretending to ignore Mycroft is hysterical. Mum actually said that Sherlock seems to act like a child sometimes, and I agree. Oh, and the end where you-know-what-happens-for-those-people-who-have-seen-it, and you-don't-know-what-for-those-people-who-haven't. :P And than it ended.

The three episodes for season two:
4# A Scandal in Belgravia, rated as nothing on my list.
We actually skipped this episode after finding out what happened at the end of the Great Game, it was going in a direction which none of us felt comfortable with and I highly recommend getting a parent to preview it before hand if you happen to find that it IS getting inappropriate or even beforehand.
5# The Hounds of Baskerville, rates as number four on my favourite list.
This episode was intensive, but not the best, it was good but not great. But guess what! I actually guessed who the bad guy was!!! I was so pleased with myself afterwards. And if we get another Rabbit we are calling it Bluebell.
6# The Final Problem, rated as number one (The Great Game and The Final Problem are the best and therefore they are tied) :D
How shall I describe this episode? As great? As sad? As heartbreaking? As the one where you really, really don't like Moriarty. The phone call between Sherlock and John was sad, I was amused however when Sherlock said 'It's what people do isn't it?'
To tell the truth I looked up what happened to Sherlock at the end. After reading Jamie's blog post before we watched Sherlock I had to check!
I couldn't bear the idea that SPOILER ALERT!!!! Sherlock died! I just couldn't it was such a great series. Apparently if you look carefully you can work out how Sherlock survives but no one has worked it out so far. :P END OF SPOILER!!  

I also love the series music, especially the main theme music.
I would not recommend Sherlock to anyone under the age of fourteen, maybe older as my Mum says that I am mature for my age.
It had a few words here and there and references about some stuff which I don't think needed to be there, some swearing which I was not happy with, and a small amount of blood but

Basically I can't wait for Season Three and I absolutely love this show. Sherlock is great!!!!

God Bless

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  1. Dear Vellvin,
    I love your reviews thank you for sharing it with me. Love watching with you and Saxon and Eden too
    Love you
    Mummy xxoo


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