Sunday, 24 February 2013

Because you are awesome! :)

To my wonderful and most amazing sister, Autumn:
Dear Autumn,
I will miss you so very much; its very hard even to imagine how much.
I think you will like it at Campion, and it will be a very good College to go too. Thank Goodness we are only four hours away and there is now no longer the added expense and worry of having to fly or sail back home.
I love you more than you can possibly understand, and I bet you know that. :)
I love it how you call me 'Flea' and if anyone else outside of family heard they wouldn't get it. I love it how you announce 'You amuse me, Flea' whenever I actually do.
I love thefact that the day before you left you were apparently 'ignoring' me and yet I still got you to speak to me. :)
I love how you make me feel up when I'm down, especially when my birthday presents came late.
I love it how you agree with me that Mr. Darcy is awesome! And how you love to watch Pride and Prejudice and boo Wickham along with me.
I love it how you'll get books down from bookcases and tell me if they are good or not.
I love how I tell you off when you are doing or saying something I don't approve off, and yeah, you're kind of used to that and you don't really mind.
I love how you and Eden help me find clothes for Mass when I have no idea what to wear. :) You are both so clever at that.
I love it how you brush my hair and at the same time give my scalp a real nice scratch.
I love it how you have to have music with you wherever you go even though it is a bit annoying.
I love it how you love Star Wars and agree with me that Anakin and Padme are awesome....mostly Padme in your case.
I love it how you hate ants and have to have a professional ant smasher to deal with it. Like me.
I love it how you and I always have disagreements about which is better, ChickFlicks or Action. You choose Chickflick's and I choose Action
'Cause you are just so beautiful
.Life is an ever changing cycle. Something's we like which change and some things we don't.
Yesterday my biggest sister Autumn set off to Campion College in Sydney.
Siblings leaving is one of the hardest things for me. I well remember last year when Kynan and Braedon left home, it is always so very hard when these times come and I find that I am gradually getting to being one of the eldest kids at home.
And all I can say is that, Autumn you're the best biggest sister in the whole world and set your goals and you will reach them; be determined, and remember always: It is in God's Hands. Trust him, he's rather good at this sort of thing.  :)

God bless


  1. Dear Vellvin,
    What a beautiful post for your dear sister.
    I will miss her too and so glad and thankful that you care so much for her
    Love Mummy

  2. Dear Mummy,
    Thank you and I know you will. But there is always holidays! :D


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