Wednesday, 26 December 2012

We went to Bethlehem!!!

On Saturday night after mass, we went to a real-life representation of what Bethlehem would have been like in Jesus' day and age.
The pictures are watermarked from my Mum's blog if anyone is wondering by the way.
Hopefully I'll be posting some more during the Holidays. :)
It was so cool! :D I really, really enjoyed it and everyone else did too.
It was called going to Bethlehem. Here's so pictures which we took while we were there.

This was the sign at the front where you had to take a census, just like how Mary and Joseph had to go to Bethlehem.

This was where we payed to get inside. That's my Dad's head you can see there paying. It was great that they didn't have the whole 'two adults, two kids' thins which is the ONLY family card you can seem to get at some things. it would've been easier if we were Hebrews though. :P

As you came through the gate there were two Roman soldiers guarding the gate. The Roman's were one of my favourtie things, by far!

As you walked in they had a pen with a little lamb in it. Lambs are soooo cute! :)

They also had sheep in another pen. The only thing they didn't seem to have this year was goats.

I've never actually seen a camel before and let me just say, they are huge! Maybe the double hump camels are smaller but these were really big. as we were leaving they started to growl and Trahaearn grwoled back at them, with the encouragment of Saxon. ;)

You could get a wool bracelet here which was how they made rope and stuff like that. It was fascinating to see how it worked!

I love this sign.

This was were you could get sewn things and notice the loom in the background. I didn't really explore this place as much though, as there was a lot of other things to do.

That's me in the picture people, standing next to the peice of paper I had just made whuch was exactly like how they made it in Jewish times.

This was the carpenter shop. I got a little boat here. One fo the best things about going to Bethlehem was everything you could get in the time period tents (yes, tents/dwellings) were for free!

This was one of the wise men. They spent most of their time down at the manger.

This is King Herod's palace.

I LOVE this chariot

Another picture of the Romans. This was jsut before they finshed for the night. They did go around and accuse people a bit actually. :P

A jewish alphabet, I'm pretty sure.

That jewish alphabet was in the Jewish School place.

This was also at the Jewish School.

See those little boats Autumn is holding in her hand? One of them is mine. :

A jewish home.

Watching how to make paper.

Glueing and cutting.

This was the carpenter who made my ship. I just walked straight up to him and he asked what I wanted. I said, 'boat please.' and he asked if I wanted to make it myself. I said no thanks, and he handed me a boat! :)

They had this room on the side which had lots of naitvety sets and other stuff like it. I didn't get to see much of it though as Corbyn wanted me to take him to see King Herod and his palace.

The Donkeys! Arwen says the favourite thing which she saw was the donkeys. They were outside the manger.

And Ta-da! The manger.

Even though the manger scene is the most important part. It was one of my least favourtie things to see. You might also notice that one of the Wise Men went AWOL. They got a real baby for baby Jesus too, which I was very impessed with.

i love this sign! I didn't actually see it the night we went there but saw it in the pictures instead.

Here was where you could get unleavened bread and wine. Grape juice for kids! No need to add Trahaearn loved the grape juice. :)

THis is me and Arwen grinding wheat together. It was really fun and I liked trying it.

I think I'd be interested in volunteering next years as it runs for three nights including Christmas Eve and would be a great experience.

And last but not least, I'd like to wish you all a very late Christmas and a Happy New Year!
God Bless

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