Saturday, 3 March 2012

Something I can't wait for.....


This about the Avengers. So if you're not an absolute Avengers freak (I am a freak) than you probably won't understand what this movie is about or anything. If you hven't seen any of these movies than yeah, you need to. I've actually only seen Thor and Captain Ameriuca but, that's reason enoiugh to watch the Avenger right? Oh, yeah and this has tons of pictures also this post might go into a litle of the other movies with these characters in them as well. :D And all these pictures aren't nescassarily from the Avengers though, some are.

These are all the super heroes/baddies who will be in the Avengers.
I am really looking forward to seeing Loki again and as the main bad guy? Sweet! 

Am I the only preson who thinks they'll gruop off into pairs of two? i.e. Hulk and Iron Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye and Captain America and Thor? No, doubt if they do Thor and captain will be the best.

I prefer the cap without his hat thing 
Captain America. I admit, he's pretty cool. I don't think he's as great as Thor is but he's comes in second.
He had a date!! *bursts into tears* so sad. But the thing was he cared about people and that is the sort of heroe I like. Bucky got killed and he got upset (really upset) but he kept going. He kept going. Red Skull was a creep though....I hope that rumor of him being in the Avengers turns out to be false. I like the idea of Loki.....Loki's a good bad guy.

Another picture of Captain. 

I haven't seen Hawkeye just as I haven't seen Black Widow but I think he looks pretty cool.
And Hawkeye has to have been around for a while because you see him briefly in Thor.

This is something I can't fathom. Why is Iron Man so good? No, its true I haven't watched Iron man but my older siblings have and said that it was junk. Thor on the other hand....hmm lets examine Thor:
He gets banished to earth and becomes a really

nice guy than he sacrifices himself when Loki sends the robot and he gets his power back. He cuts the bridge because he cares about the Frost Giants not being killed.
One thing I'm wondering though is how's he get back to earth?

Loki is the head bad guy in the Avengers and boy, is he bad. He is the bad guy from Thor. When I heard that Loki was in the Aengers as the MAIN bad guy I was so excited!!! :D And why in the trailer are people bowing to Loki? My sister Autumn says Loki gives her the creeps.

Just becasue these two gyys are awesome. :D
Loki's got security.... what's he thinking?

Black Widow

Black Widow. I haven't seen her at all but I'm pretty sure she's in Iron Man. She sounds a lot like Spider man  and it should be interesting to see how she turns out. 

Hulk I am finding a litle scary but I'm not he actaully nice or what?


 My favourite guy:Thor. Need I say more? Oh, that's right...he's also got  a cool looking cape.

Watch the trailer...I've seen it about six or so times.

I got this from Jamie's blog "Through two blue eyes" who made it.

Yes, I can't wait for the Avengers. Call me obbsesseded if you like cause..........................I am!!!

God Bless


  1. I can't belive it is almost here! I have been waiting for 4 years! For this ever since Iron Man 1. I don't think I can last much longer! :)


  2. Hi Vellvin

    IT LOOKS AWESOME!!! I cant wait!!


  3. Hi, you were asking about the Skrull on my Avengers post. Here is a link to the guide I wrote about The Avengers and the villians in the up coming movie if you are interested.


  4. Dear Vellvin,
    I will enjoy it, but will have to wait for DVD
    Enjoy going to the movies though
    Love Mummy

  5. @Yeah, waiting is hard. Though I haven't been waiting four years fro it. Thanks for the info on the skrulls
    @Legolas I can't wait either.
    @ Thanks Mummy. But you came with us so it doesn't make much sense about you waiting fro the DVD although it IS a keeper.


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