Sunday, 11 March 2012

Funny Pictures

Okay this post has mostly funny and humorous pictures on it which I have found of facebook and other places. 
They are (to me) rather funny and if you don't find some of them funny is because I have a easily amused sense of humor. 
There are quite a few of LOTR by the way 'cause I think they are quite funny.

Elrond's not very nice.

Gee I love this one.

This is one of my absolute favourites!


Only people who have seen Mulan will get this.

I couldn't agree more.

Cats can be annoying.

My a rather weak joke but I think its funny


R2-D2 and I liked you so much more than Threepio too!

Yeah, Gaston's got taste when it comes to books

I got this one easily. Proves I've watched a lot of cartoons.

Yeah that actually was the most scary bit! And shelob is definitely second! 

Rapunzel isn't stupid, Bella, though um, yeah she is.

My thoughts exactly

It would be awesome if you did have a school like this.

Legolas can be a woos sometimes

Lets see....yeah that's about right where those movies should be


I'd like to point out to you that I am neither a Harry Potter fan or Twilight fan but this was funny,

Someone was looking it up in a dictionary

Mind blown 

Become a Jedi like seriously its the best choice there.

Add caption
I've always wanted to have a I see what my Mum thinks of it.

Um, well, its not everyday you get to choose the powers of a Jedi, right?

So it wasn't Anakin's fault he turned to the dark side!


Okay so I've pretty much done all of these besides um, none. 


A nice way to make money

I'm a star wars fan too!

And even this isn't a picture it is funny anyway are funny as well.

God Bless


  1. Oh, thanks for sharing these Vellvin, they were soooo much fun! :) I read the Student who got a 0 on his exam out loud to my family last night. That was just fun. And though I am not a Star Wars Or LOTR fan so many of these were just plain funny!
    I loved the movie Villain accuracy, and the sky scraper and plungers...why doesn't that work anyway lol.

    Lol Gaston and the 4th book of twilight! that was hilarious!!!

    Thanks for the fun laughs!!!


  2. @Thanks Jessica yeah the student who got a zero was pretty funny with the answers.
    You welcome for the laughs. :)


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