Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A quiz

My results:

Which of Jane Austen's Gentlemen Would You End up With?
Your Result: Mr. Bingley (The Boy Next Door)
You are a shy, modest, friendly person with an open heart and a disarming air. But sometimes that modesty can make you blind to the affections or machinations of others. Too bad that this hero suffers from shyness too. Too timid to admit his intense affection and disinterested devotion to you, you may never realize what a good catch you've already got - unless someone gives the two of you a push.
Mr. Darcy (The Aloof Prince)
Col. Brandon (The Father Figure)
Captain Wentworth (The Soldier Boy)
Mr. Knightley (The Best Friend)
Henry Crawford (The Bad Boy)
Mr. Collins (The Prick)
Which of Jane Austen's Gentlemen Would You End up With?
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Oh, yeah!!! Mr. Bingley first and than Mr Darcy!!!! :) :D (although I'd rather hae Mr. Darcy first :P

God Bless


  1. Interesting quiz! I got Mr. Bingley as well... :D

  2. Happy birthday Vellvin! I hope you've had a wonderful day.


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