Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Birthday gifts.

I celebrated my birthday a few days ago and (being the sort of person I am) I am going to share with you what I got for my birthday:
Yep, you guessed right: books. There's something about books. Besides the fact that I'm a obsessive bookworm. Having those characters and so any different stories is awesome.
So here's the list:
The Books of Bayern
I only read these maybe early this year and they were pretty cool. IO found the Goose Girl a little dull at first and strange, but after having my awesome sister Eden read them first, and seeing how she loved them I decided to try them again. My favorite books out of the four were "Forest Born" and "River Secrets" gee, they've both got Razo in them. :P What a coincidence. ;)
They are interesting and I really liked them. So yeah, I got them for my birthday and 3 of them were in a box set and the third by itself.

The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy
'Yeah, so the back cover sounds a little weird but really!!! These books were great!! Warning: does contain magic. Emily was one of those characters who I was like "Yeah, I like her!" You know being the younger sister I could definitely relate to it. Marak is portrayed really scary and creepy at the start but would you believe it? He's my favorite character. :)
The third was a lot different because all the characters from the first two books are getting older and you think "What?" but needless to say, it was just as good. Although I can's stand the elves. Lazy things that they are. :P
The Mark of the Star
This is actually a fairly new book written by Liz Patterson and you can access her blog here.
This was the only book out of my whole lot of books I had gotten which I hadn't read. So on the night of my birthday I was reading it and reading it. I finished it Sunday evening and my!! What a book it was. You can only get it from lulu.com or amazon but its still worth it. :)
Who the bad guy was drove me insane and then I thought (after I knew who it was) "Oh, yeah that makes sense."
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jadev!!!!!!!! He is like sososososososososososososoosososos AWESOME!!!! But than you'll have to read it to know what I mean. :P
Back cover:

What can you do when an entire country hovers on the brink of collapse and your courage is all that can save it? What can you do when your dearest friend makes the wrong choices and your love is not enough to protect him? What can you do when your blessing turns out to be a curse? When Arvis is suddenly faced with these questions, her search for answers leads her on a journey across the world. Hunted by an elusive enemy and brought low by betrayal, Arvis is forced to rise to the challenge and accept that she was set apart by the mark of the star for a reason.

Alex O'Donnell and the Forty Cyber theives
The latest book in the fairy tale's retold by Regina Doman. They are really great books re-telling fairy tale in modern day times. This book had more techni stuff with computers so if you're not that great at that stuff, just ignore it. The thing I liked about this particular book was that it had more of a family feel to it because Alex has two brothers as well as his Mum and Dad. 
Mum says that my character from these books is Kateri. Darn, I wanted to be Rose. :( And I'm still waiting to read Waking Rose.

Black as Night

The 2nd of the Fairy tale novels re-told. This was probably my least favorite of the 3 of 5 books that I've read of Regina Doman. Too many flashbacks!!!! And not enough Fish or Rose. :( :( A re-telling of Snow white and the Seven Dwarves. I did like the friars though who are suppose to be the seven dwarves and the end was super cool!!! :D
The youngest Templar Trilogy.
The story of the squire Tristan and his journey to protect the holy grail. It won't make sense probably of what I'm saying until you read the books but trust me, they're great!! LOVE Robard. ;)

Yeah, sop that's what I've got.

God Bless

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  1. Dear Vellvin,
    Soooooo glad you loved them bookworm girl
    I might have to borrow your Mark of the Start soon
    love you lots
    Mummy xxoo


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