Monday, 6 June 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

We went to On Stranger Tides on Saturday.
We were the first people in the movie room (Saxon, Dad, Eden, Rogan, Autumn and Me).
We were 20 minutes early so while we were waiting Saxon was making speeches. We were right up the top of the cinema seats so everyone else was below us and the door was below us too and Saxon was leaning over the door and making speeches. They were very amusing and even Dad was thinking it was funny. ☺ The best time was however when Saxon was making an Australian speech and two people walked in and Saxon was like "Whoa!!" And running back to his seat. ☺Than he stopped.

Anyway so the movie started and we closed our eyes for all the Trailers (we usually do this unless we know that the trailers which are going to be there are fine for us to watch). Now I was thinking that there might be Cars or Kung Fu Panda but no!!! The only Trailer that we did watch was a Transformers (which by the way I think looks like it's junk).  We weren't allowed to watch the X-man trailer which must have been the best one. And than there's a Harry Potter which has really loud music and during most of the time I was saying some Hail Mary's, an Angel of God and an Our Father.
Oh, just so you know I hate Harry Potter.
The movie started and opened with SPOILER!! Two Spanish sailors finding a man who is clutching a book in his hand and guess what "He's alive!!" The book he has is like charts or something which are to the Fountain 

of Youth and than the Spanish are after it!!!
Seeing as I don't really want to spoil the movie for you I'll just tell you that: Captain Jack Sparrow, Blackbeard and Angelica (Blackbeards daughter) Barbossa and a company of English sailors (Barbossa's a privateer) and the Spanish are all after the Fountain of Youth or are after one of the other people looking for the Fountain.

There was a lot of Christian stuff running through maybe because there is a SPOILER!! Missionary as well.
Great lot of the awesome Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack in it and awesome sword fighting.

There is a bit of voodoo stuff in it which I was a but uncomfortable with.

Blackbeard has a magic sword and the Mermaids have really scary teeth. Meaning vampire looking teeth. The Mermaids!!! Oh joy!!!! (NOT) I was squeezing Eden's hand really hard and Rogan wasn't even watching the part with the Mermaids!! Though their intentions are not what they seem at the start but, nevertheless they were scary!!
Except for one of the Mermaids. And some of the Historical dates are a bit mixed up. And the zombies? They were hardly scary in my opinion.

In all though I thought it was a very good movie (besides the cons) and it is probably my second favourite or tying with the first. (My least favourite is the second).

Captain Jack Sparrow: Yes, I love Jack. I find him very funny and cool but, there wasen't a many cool lines which he said. He didn't have his hat on for a lot of the movie and he is just as smart as ever.
I know what he's doing!!!!

He looks so innocent!! 
I didn't know this was the style back than!! ☺

He is so persuasive. ☺
 Now to the next chacter!!!
 Blckbeard: Horrid? check! Bad? Uh, yeah!!! Evil? Hallo!!!! See why he's the bad guy? I certainly do!! Anyway not much to be said about him.
 Angelica!!! Okay I have to say that she is one of my favorite chacters from Pirates of the Carribean. I know I said I would hate her but, really she's pretty much Jack except she's a girl. She is so much better than Elizabeth.

And she is not a scaredy cat!!!
And last of all: Barbossa!: He is a bit different in On Strange Tides but Jack and him still have

 the rivalry thing and he's got a peg leg too!!!
Oh, i knwo I said last but I had to do Gibbs!!! Gibbs is loyal to Jack and he has always been and will be. I love it at the stsart how he SPOILER!! Is being accused as Jack and Jack is dressed up as the Judge.

Something wrong?

Jack and Angelica ♥

Something's wrong!!!

I wonder what he's doing? ☺
 Well anyway chow chow!!!
And I'll leave you with this:

God Bless


  1. Dear Vellvin,
    This is an excellent review.
    I think you did a fantastic job.
    Thnk you for the spoilers, you know i love them
    Love Mummy

  2. Looks interesting, though I haven't seen any of them. That last thing Jack said at the end of the trailer was hilarious. I will be quoting that line from here on. :)

    By the way, I did the villains post. ;)

    ~Jamie Joyce


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