Saturday, 18 June 2011

My week....................

Well, my week so far has been a pretty busy one.

Monday: We were expecting Braedon and Anna-Lisa to be coming that morning on the plain. But guess what? The volcano ash stopped them :( So after getting up rather early to go pick them up from the airport I really wasn't too happy.

Tuesday: Still a bit disappointed about Braedon and Anna-Lisa but I survived as you can see ☺ Moran and I did some cleaning of bathrooms and stuff.

Wednesday: This was a very big, long, tiring day................................Rogan and I teamed up and did a lot of cleaning we did most of the rugs and in the morning on Thursday I had really sore shoulders. :(
Plus,  me and Rogan spent the entire yes, ENTIRE day in our PJ's. :D And our slippers were really filthy from doing the mats. :D

Thursday: Mama and Papa came (Our Grandparents, Dad's parents.) And there were still some stuff which we hadn't done. :( We finished that stuff and than watched "Home Improvement" while Dad, Moran and Arwen went in Dad's work car to get Mama and Papa. We had dinner said the Rosary and took little kids to bed. Than Saxon, Eden, Autumn and I all started to watch Mrs. Doubtfire. We didn't finish it though. And some of the language was rather disturbing. Does anyone else have this problem with all these older kids movies have taking God's and Jesus's name in vain? I don't like it. It is bad and is against the ten Commandments. Not to mention even littler childrens movies have bad words and they learn these words and use them not understanding that they are not good or even appropriate words!!! Excuse my ramble if you will :)

Friday: Mum, Autumn, Rogan, Arwen, Corbyn and Trahaearn all went to Spotlight to get material and ribbons for Trahaearn's baptism. Saxon, Eden, Moran, Myffwyn, Mama, Papa and I stayed home and who would come to call just after they left? Father John. :) It was quite fun though that he had dropped by unexpectedly. :D Once Father John had left we did a few jobs and than Eden, Moran (who was feeling a little sick) Myffwyn and Mama
all sat down and watched Tangled we watched it all and Mama liked it than we got a phone call to say that Mum and the others were at Woolies and would be home soon.

Once they had come home I hid some chips and stuff be they were for the baptism. :)
Than we all sat down and had chips for dinner while watching "Hogan's Heroes" After that we took the little kids to bed and than finished Mrs. Doubtfire. By than it was almost 12 son I went to bed.
Well that's been my week so far and stuff and today we will be doing preparations for Trahaearn's baptism and after it. Trifle yum!!! By the way the most talked about thing this week has been the baptism in my opinion. :)
I'd also like to let you know that I haven't really been doping that much on blogger as you can see. That's what happens when you have a baby in the house. :)

God Bless

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