Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Its Here!!!

Amon's Adventures is here!!!!
Its here in our house waiting for us to start reading it on the 9th of March.
Why does Lent have to not be here right now? Why do we have to wait until then? Couldn't Lent start sooner?
oh well, I'd better accept it.
I've already read the back and I was a little disappointed that Tabitha and Jotham got married and not Bartholemy and Tabitha. I guess it's 'cause I love Bartholomew's Passage the best. I sure hope he's in it though!!!

God Bless


  1. I didn't know there was one called Amon's Adventure. I've read Bartholomew, Tabitha and Jotham's adventures. I hate having to wait to read a book.

  2. We ordered this back on December and can't wait to start! Do you know when the first day of lent is? Keep meaning to look that up...

  3. @Anna-Maria i hate waiting for books too!!!
    @Nana yes, lent starts on the 9th of March.
    So long to wait!! Woe is me!!!!



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