Saturday, 6 November 2010

A Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious book!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what book is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Well, don't bother about guessing but this book

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja, is like insanely awesome! I especially like the ending which I'm not gonna tell you because it would spoil it. My favorite characters as always are: Halt, Will, Evanlyn, Alyss, and Horace.
The run down of this book is A.K.A. plot is:
Horace is missing. Months have passed since he was sent on a military mission to the court of the Emperor of Nihon-Ja but he has failed to return. Evanlyn is worried, and in company with Will and Alyss, she sets out to discover what has become of their old friend.

They find that Horace has become embroiled in Nihon-Jan politics. The arrogant Senshi sect has rebelled against the rightful Emperor and Horace has chosen to stay and lend support to the deposed ruler. Now he and Will must find men willing to face the highly trained Senshi warriors, while Alyss and Evanlyn must overcome their longstanding rivalry to seek aid from a mysterious group of mountain dwellers.

Well if you haven't read Rangers Apprentice you should! They are like soooooooooooooo totalllllllllllyyy cool/awesome/good/fun. 
I liked it alot 'cause  Alyss and Evanlyn were both in it. And how they become friends. And the end. Oh the end is great!!!!
I highly recommend this series. John Flanagan is a great writer with weaving humor into his books and action as well. You have to read them.
I know I'm a Rangers Apprentice geek. I agree I am!
I can hardly wait for book 11 to come out next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless


  1. Hi Vellvin,
    Awesome I forgot that it was coming out. When did it come out.

  2. Dear Vellvin,
    If only I could get hold of it!
    who has it now?
    Love Mummy

  3. CB it came out on the first of November.
    You do Mummy!
    Wasn't that a funny chapter?


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