Saturday, 22 May 2010

Young Victoria

I finally watched The Young Victoria with Mummy, Autumn, Eden, and Saxon. It tells the story of when Victoria was young and how she fell in love with Prince Albert and her difficulties with ruling and so forth. I really enjoyed it! One of the things which really got on my nerves was how she had to have someone hold her hand as she went down stairs.

And Lord Melbourne drove me nuts! Any way It was a great movie and my favorite character was Prince Albert.

God Bless


  1. Hmm I remember seeing the trailer and wanting to watch this...
    Glad you enjoyed it!

    ~Jessica =)

  2. Prince Albert's the best character, Vellvin.
    Also, it looked like it was going to be real boring, but it was much better then I expected. We should watch it again soon.
    Your brother

  3. Isn't it fun how the fella who plays Prince Albert (a "good guy") in The Young Victoria is Wickham (a "bad guy") in Pride and Prejudice 2005? :)

    I really want to see The Young Victoria but haven't gotten the chance yet.

  4. @Jessica Hope you watch it soon!
    2Saxon Yres, we should watch it again soon.
    @Jo That is very iteresting. I wouldn't know though because I've only watched that version of P&P once and I didn't like it! Try and watch it as soon as you can.


  5. I saw The Young Victoria a little while ago.

    I loved it.

    Glad you enjoyed it Vellvin.


  6. @Grace So am I!


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