Sunday, 16 May 2010


It's terrible! Cadbury chocolate won't be called cadbury chocolate anymore! It's called Fair Trade now!
No more swirly words saying cadbury on the packet. It's sooooooo sad!

God Bless


  1. That is soooooooo terrible! (sniff sniff) =.(

    That is the worst news I have heard.

    Fair Trade! Whats that supposed to mean! Cadbury was alot nicer! =.(

    Maybe we should complain about it!

  2. Aw I like the swirly letters. I've never heard that this would happen... only that some of Cadbury's chocolate is certified fair trade ....
    Does that mean that the chocolate will be "fair trade" or are they just changing the name to "Fair Trade"?

  3. I have no idea if it is to be certified as fair trae or if it's whole name is changing!
    P.S. It'll still be teribble 'cause it wil have the words fair trade on cadbury chocalate!


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