Wednesday, 13 January 2010

What do you think?

Hey just wondering if you noticed that at the bottom of each post I now have written by I used to have posted by and also on my comments I don't have the word comments on there anymore.
but I have 4 shamrock scribblers! Thanks Mummy for helping me!!!!!
Love you!
Please comment and tell me what you think.

God Bless


  1. I like it cause it different!;)

  2. You have such a beautiful blog! Having an Irish heritage, the shamrocks are particularly appealing!
    (Virginia's mom)

  3. I like it:)

    I think it's nice to have something different.

  4. I like it! I really enjoy seeing people's creative streak when they think up new things for their "posted by" and "comments" text.

    Oh, you don't have to put the quiz button on your blog if you don't want to. It's optional :)

    Is your family really Irish? Our family is half South Carolinian (which is almost it's own little thing) and half Hispanic American :)

  5. I like it a lot, I wish I could do something like that on Typepad.


  6. @Janis, thanks!
    @Grace, thank you!
    @Jo I think I won't put the button on then. My family isn't actualy irish my Mummys Dad came from Cork in Island and then moved to here Australia. We actualy have a lot of different bloods in our family we have: English, Irish, Scots, Welsh, French, Spanish, and mabye German. So there you have it!


Hello, please do comment won't you.? :)
I enjoy reading every single one, though I might not reply to them very quickly, be assured that I read and enjoyed each one.
God Bless! :)


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