Sunday, 24 January 2010

Mine and My sisters dolls.

I thought I might share with you My and My Sisters dolls which are loved dearly in our house These are my dolls left to right: Mildred Keith and Violet Trivila.
I got Mildred for my 3rd birthday and Violet for my 9th.
They are from different companies by the way. The clothes they are wearing are actually Eden's clothes for her dolls, she said I could borrow them.

These are Moran's dolls. Moran got Felicity on her 3rd birthday and Milly for Chritmas I forget which year.
Left to right: Milly Keith and Felicity Merriman. Morans dolls are wearing my dolls clothes.
These are Autumn and Myffwyn's dolls. left to right: Violet Trivila and Elsie Dinsmore Myffwyn got her doll Violet the same year Moran and Eden got their second dolls, Chistmas I forget which one. Autumn got her Elise for her birthday I forget which year. Elise and Violet are wearing my dolls clothes.
These are Eden's dolls left to right: Elise Dinsmore and Milly Keith. Eden got Elise for I forget the year and got Milly for Chritmas I forget which year. Rogan also wants you to know that he dressed Eden's dolls.

The reason that the dolls are in all different clothes is cause we dressed them the other day and swapped there clothes around.
God Bless


  1. Beautiful dolls. We love dolls around here to. Even the boys enjoy playing with them.



  2. Thanks Nana! One of my brothers a little younger than me loves the dolls as well.


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