Thursday, 22 October 2009


I was tagged by Lady Ophelia thank you Ophelia

What is a very interesting fact about you?
I can sing This is the Day in pigeon English but not in normal English

What are two things in this world that you love very much?

My family and Jesus

What's the last thing you ate?

A bannana

Who is your favorite movie/book character?

At the moment Gwain from The Squires Tales Series

What is your favorite colour?


Are you random?


Do you have a totem animal?


How many people follow your main blog?


What is your favorite animal?

Bunny rabbit

VS ~

Downhill or Cross-Country skiing?
I haven't done ether

Soda or water?


Weekends vs. School days?


Trees or flowers?



What is your favorite movie?
At the moment it is Outlaw Trail

What is your favorite book?

I have list on my side bar of my favourites.

How long have you been on blogger for?

Since August

Who are you going to tag

Anyone who wants to be tagged

God Bless

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