Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
is the all time favorite musical in our home . And can you believe it but we had to borrow it from the video shop last time because we own it on video and it is all broken because it has been watched over and over again.

And if we had one more girl and two more boys we could be
"The Seven Brides For Seven Brothers."

One of best parts is where everyone turns up for the barn raising and all the brothers dance.

God Bless


  1. Hey what’s up? It’s me Sis, your Brother. You know the one who has the "Anti Blog" blog. Ah well, even if you don't remember me just remember I’m leaving a comment. Ok here goes. I think your blog is nice almost as nice as my "Anti Blog" blog and I think its really cool how you actually do posts because I don't do posts and I think you’re Blog is nice. "wait a minute I already say that”?

    Ok Vellvin here's 12 True Facts just for you from Braedon.

    1. Your reading my comment
    2. Now you’re saying/thinking that’s a stupid fact.
    4. You didn’t notice that I skipped 3.
    5. Your checking it now.
    6. Your smiling.
    7. Your still reading my comment.
    8. You know all you have read is true.
    10. You didn’t notice that I skipped 9.
    11. Your checking it now.
    12. You didn’t notice there are only 10 facts.

  2. Very amusing Braedon,
    You should be a comedian.
    Why don't you make amusing comments on my blog?

  3. Thanks Breadon Are all very true love your little sis.

  4. what about a comedian Breadon you be good at it but we will see
    Love once again therd little sis


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