Sunday, 2 November 2014

When going on a pilgrimage................

So you all may be wondering why and where and how is it that I haven't been blogging. Life's busy But beside life, I also went on a pilgrimage. And it was very fun.
The characters:
Frodo (me)
Sam (Saxon)
Merry (Eden)
Pippin (Rogan)
Gandalf (Dad)
Legolas (a good friend)

'It was in the 2014 in the Shire reckoning that four hobbits and their wizard friend went on a great journey that would take them many leagues and leave them with sore feet, tired eyes and no pints of which to speak. They were going on a great quest (the pilgrimage).
The trip was very long to get to their starting point. Mind you, if they had know what was in store for them I'm sure that Frodo and Pippin wouldn't have been so keen on the idea. Sam and Merry, on the other hand were veterans and quite happy to introduce us to any and all the exciting and exhausting things that would happen to us.

The first night, that is the night before our actual journey started, we slept in a hall. There were all manner of races sleeping, snoring or even talking. Not surprisingly the ones who were most interested in talking were the elves, after all, they wouldn't really need to sleep anyway. It was hard that first night to get to sleep. I missed my soft feather bed. I imagined the Sackville-Bagginses and the soft beds which they slept in, and Gandalf went pretty much straight to sleep and his snoring was kind of annoying.
The next morning me being the extremely smart hobbit I was an eager to get up early and be ready had set the alarm for 5:00 am in the morning. It's okay, though, don't freak out. Everyone had to be up for 5: 30 anyway.

It was a very long journey, Merry was particularly exhausted and so tended to hop in one of the carts (buses) that the Rohirrim had provided. Gandalf did a couple of time, too. Pippin and Sam walked the entire way. :P Good for them. Me being the ring-bearer and all, I had to have one cart trip, right? And yes, if you're wondering Sam did pull me along a bit at the end of the first day when I needed someone to hold my hand an help me.

There was tons and I mean tons of lembas (Subway) for lunch each day and by the third day I was heartily sick of it. Apparently it is suppose to sustain you for an entire day? I'm not sure about that but maybe the cookies they had could?

Legolas joined us the first morning and mostly stayed with Pippin and I. We were right up the front so we wouldn't fall behind all of the 'big people'.
We listened and talked and prayed. Pippin and I only got one or two blisters each.
Now, you may be wondering in all of this where Sam was. You know, he's suppose to be the one who makes sure that I keep going, right? He was telling people to get off the road! And I thought that was my job. :P

He was with a group of mixed Rohirrim and Rangers (Marshalls) making sure that we kept off the road, and that no black riders (cars or trucks) came by. He did that for most of the walk.

By the time we got to Sunday morning I was so glad. We were almost there! That morning before second breakfast (morning tea) we came to the big hill which apparently people race up. There were shouts of 'Gondor' (Victoria) and 'Rohan' (New South Wales). Rohan won but a lot of people ran anyway.
A little late on, I even considered going on the cart again but soldiered on. When we first saw the spires of our destination we all knelt down and prayed. But we still had a bit to go. The mixed group of Rohirrim and Rangers had the most difficult time keeping everyone safe.

Our meeting with our King (Jesus) at his place of domain (the cathedral) was a long one. But very good nevertheless. Throughout our journey he had been present in it. But then, it was all about him anyway.

And now, it is time for second breakfast, and then elevensies, and luncheon and afternoon tea, so obviously I have to go and do that.

Frodo Baggins signing off. '

So for three days we walked, talked and prayed. I found it very exhausting adn finally decided that seeing as I wasn't seeming to get much 'spiritual' that I was just going to walk for Jesus. That worked pretty well. Each day there was Mass. On Saturday it was actually outdoors but it was really lovely. If I hadn't of been so tired, maybe I would have concentrated more instead of being interested in just sitting down. :)
This blog post might sound a bit mish-mashed, and I'm sorry for that. But really, I'm quite tired and I don't really feel like writing a longer blog post than this. I went on a pilgrimage and it was an interesting experience.
And when we got home on Sunday night it was like Sam at the end of Return of the King. 'I'm glad I'm back.'

God Bless


  1. Wow! A pilgrimage. That must have been exiting. Its neat how you compare your journey to the lord of the rings. I can understand you being tired after all that walking. I bet the cathedral was totally awesome. I hope you got a chance to see inside. P.S. I didn't know there were cathedrals in Australia.

    1. :D It was! Yeah, I actually just feel like patting myself on the back for assigning characters and writing this blog post like I did. Prideful? Um, yes. :) Yep, the walking was exhausting. I found it the most hard the first day though, after that you sort of got more used to it. :)
      Yes, I did. It was very beautiful and big, too.
      You made me smile at that. Of course we have cathedrals! :)

      God Bless,

  2. I love the way you wrote this! Sounds like an interesting experience. The one pilgrimage I went on was a day and that seemed long, so this must have been exhausting!

    1. :D Thanks Arda. :) It was interesting and exhausting. :P I'm glad it didn't go any longer otherwise I would have just had enough I reckon. ;)


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