Saturday, 15 June 2013

In which I explain the busyness of life.

It's true. Life has been pretty full lately, adn just busy. This is a totally random post and shall be a bit like my 'Different words for different things' blog post because I enjoy writing posts like that:

AWESOME means watching Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out and though it only goes for twenty-one minutes finding it very funny, I didn't like it so much the first time I watched it (that day) yeah I watched it (twice) in one day but it was so much funner when we

all watched it together, and everyone one was walking around saying how 'awesome' they were. :P Inside joke.

Improvement means having your little brother who broke his leg coming home from a doctor's appointment and finding out that he can now weight-bear on his leg i.e. WALKING!!! He is still hesitant about it but we are getting there. He is not allowed to run or jump for another six weeks

Exhausting is going down to Anna-Lisa's and working out stuff for the wedding (July 8) a 3 hour journey there and back both ways. But it was very productive. I saw the necklace and earrings we are going to wear and they look pretty. :) We also had a look a shoes and other stuff, I held my brides maid boupuet as well!

Being Glad that I finally finished The Shining Company by Rosemary Sutcliffe, boy was I getting annoyed because it had been sitting in my book basket for a very long time!

Caring for Animals!!
These are two of our chickens we were given thses ones from some friends of ours. 
We now have chickens and two lambs!!
This was me in the rain a two or three weeks ago. 

We have two lambs, a boy and a girl. They need currently four feeds a day and Rogan does two and I do two as well. I don't do very much where chickens are concerned however except for grabbing one of them and putting them in their nesting boxes and telling them to 'lay an egg. :)

Playing computer games and watching other people play them. Assassin's Creed III I have only played once but in that time I stole about three hundred pounds from people. Yeah you can pickpocket people in this Assassin's Creed. Connor is my favourite Assassin hands down and I think they should do more on him. Forget the Black Flag do more on Connor, Ubisoft!! And on a side note, I cannot understand why they made three Assassin Creed video games on Ezio. True I've never played any of them but he can't be as good as Altair or Connor.
Also Saxon downloaded some mods for Star Wars Battlefront 2 which are really, really good.
Trahaearn with his new toy.
Saxon bought this for Trahaearn for his birthday. It is Connor's Tomahawk and various siblings seem more interested in playing with it than Trahaearn is. :)

Saying a real weak Sherlockian joke which Saxon made up "What's the opposite of Sherlock and Watson? Watsoff and Sherunlock. Mum aslo pointed out that it could be Watdaughter as the name is WatSON. It is also a good excuse to put a picture of Sherlock on here. :) :P
Really need to watch Reichenbach Falls again and try and figure out how he does it though it is probably not possible. :P

Watching movies which are old favourites like George of the Jungle. It is a really funny movie adn I love the way George speaks in the third person

Panicking as its only about THREE WEEKS UNTIL THE WEDDING!!! OH MY GOSH!!! Yeah, like I said panicking. :)

And if anyone one is looking for a super awesome book to read I suggest that you hop over to Thoughts of A Shieldmaiden who is releasing her very first novel, Monster, on Amazon, tomorrow. I want to read it so much!!!

And would you all just offer up a quick prayer for my sister, Autumn.
And this pretty much wraps up my post, see you all soon!

God Bless

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