Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Eagle of the Ninth: Review.

We watched the Eagle movie on Tuesday night.
We (Saxon and I) have been waiting for months to see The Eagle.
I am now reviewing it. :)

The plot of the book:
A young Roman officer, Marcus Flavius Aquila, is trying to discover the truth about the disappearance of his father's legion in northern Britain. Travelling with his ex-slave, Esca, beyond Hadrian's Wall, in disguise as a Greek eye doctor, Aquila finds that a demoralised and mutinous Ninth Legion was annihilated by a great rising of the northern tribes. In part, this disgrace was redeemed by a heroic last stand by a small remnant around the legion's eagle standard. Aquila's hope of seeing the lost legion re-established is dashed, but he is able to bring back the bronze eagle so that it can no longer serve as a symbol of Roman defeat—and thus will no longer be a danger to the frontier's security.

Well there was a bit of language at the start but the Legionaries were pretty cool. :D I was a bit disappointed that the movie changed a few of the plot-lines like Marcus freeing Esca before they left and how Marcus was suppose to be disguised as an eye doctor because they can get safe passage past Hadrian wall.
Another disappointing thing was how  Cub did not turn up and the girl Marcus marries either.
But, probably the thing I was most disappointed about was how in the Book Marcus and Esca have  a more firm relationship.
But it was a good movie anyhow and I don't think I would of been so dissapointed if I had not read the book. There are absolutely no girls  unless you call "sightings of girls" girls in movies and Anna-Lisa was annoyed because they're weren't any. :)
I think i liked Esca better in the book however and Marcus too.
It is a good movie to watch except that the Seal people are a little weird and they have a :"ceremony" of their boys becoming men and it yeah is a little weird.

The Seal People speak Gaelic as does Esca a lot of the time.
Well anyway I need to go now.
God Bless

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  1. Hey just saying hi! Because it's been a while! Hm, I might have to check this movie out, I LOVE the book!

    Have a lovely day Vellvin!


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