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Lord of the Rings Reveiw.

Nana wanted to know some things about LOTR so here is a review Nana. Hope you like it.

This is my review on Lord of the Rings.

Movie rating: 100
Strength of plot: 100
Strength of Characters: 100
Favorite Characters: Pippin, Merry, Legolas.

Scariness: Well the black riders were a bit creepy.

Sauramen is a bit weird looking and a bit freaky. The eye of Sauron was freaky. Gollum was (or I think) creepy and sort of funny in the Two Towers. But he was scary in Return of the King. The orcs were disgusting. And Shelob I have to say was the most disgusting thing of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here is a narration for people who have not seen the movie or don't know anything about it:
The lord of the rings is about this a dark lord Sauron who forged some rings. He made 3 for the elves, 5 for the dwarves, and 9 for mortal men who above all desire power and slowly each of the nine men who received the rings fell and became ringwrathes who then became baddies and Saurons best buddies. But then secretly he forged himself a ring which was more powerful than any other ring and put part of his conciseness into it. It also makes you invisible. But then after a big battle (which you see in the movie) a guy called Elandil cuts off Sauron finger which has the one ring on it and after he did this he was killed. His son Isildur refused to take and throw it into the cracks of mount doom (where it was made). To destroy it. But in the end his company got attacked and while he was swimming away from the orcs to safety in the river invisible with the ring on his finger his finger it slipped off and the orcs saw him and shot him with arrows. And thus the ring went out of all knowledge and was forgotten until hundreds of years later two river folk by the names of Sméagol and Deagol were fishing on that very same river that Isildur had been shot at and where the ring was lost.
This is an orc.

Deagol accidentally fell into the river and while trying to swim to the surface he found the ring on the bottom of the river. He swam up holding it and immediately Sméagol saw the ring. And wanted it for himself. They got into a fight over the ring and ending with Deagol dead. Sméagol then discovered that he could disappear with it on his finger and ran away from his home to the misty mountains with the ring. the ring gave the person who had the ring in his possession gave that person unnaturally long life which is why Sméagol (also know as Gollum) survived six hundred years in the mountains till a hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins found Gollum and took the ring from him while he was on an adventure with Gandalf and some dwarves.
Sixty years later Bilbo Baggins and his nephew Frodo Baggins are celebrating Frodo's and Bilbo's
joint birthday and Gandalf turns up with a load of fireworks. (Huge ones). As Bilbo is making a speech he slipped the ring onto his finger and slipped away from the party back to Bag-End and starts packing Gandalf is there as well and Bilbo slips off. NEVER to be seen in the shire again. He leaves Frodo the ring and goes away to Rivendell (Frodo does not know that the ring is the One Ring.) Then Gandalf says he is leaving and that leaves Frodo by himself but before he goes Gandalf tells Frodo to keep it safe and secret. Gandalf is not sure if it is the one ring so he goes to Minus Tirith for info. Back in the shire a couple of weeks later Frodo comes home from drinking at the Green Dragon to find Gandalf there in Bag-End. Gandalf then proceeds to tell him about the ring and how it is very dangerous and the Ringwrathes (also known as black riders) will never stop looking for the one ring and they have found out from Gollum the whereabouts of the ring. Frodo then says to Gandalf that he will take the ring to mount Doom to destroy it! But just after Frodo has said this who should Gandalf drag head over heels through a window BUT Sam Gamgee a very good friend of Frodo's and has been eavesdropping on them because he found what Gandalf told Frodo exciting, as punishment about hearing everything about the ring and to keep him from talking about the ring to other hobbits Gandalf says that Sam will go with Frodo to destroy the ring. After Gandalf and Frodo and Sam having departing the shire (Gandalf not going with Frodo and Sam because he has urgent business with a friend of his by the name of Saruman). Frodo travels on his journey to Rivendell where Gandalf tells him to head on the way he meets up with his 2 cousins Merry and Pippen then as they travel through the village of Bree and they meet a friend of Gandalf’s by the name of Strider (that’s what most people call him but his real name is Aragon) who leads them to Rivendell. On the way the ringwrathes attack and Frodo gets stabbed by there leader before Strider fights them of. Finally In the end they reach Rivendell and at Rivendell Frodo find Gandalf there and he tells Frodo how his buddy wizard Saruman has turned on the free people has built his own army of orcs and Uruk-hai (bigger and stronger orcs who don’t fear the light of day kike orcs) and has joined Souron. When Gandalf said he would not join him Saruman imprisoned him in his tower until Gandalf’s friend Gwaihir, a giant eagle, saved him and took him to from the clutches of Saruman and part of the way of his journey.

After being healed by Elrond from the wound the nuzgul had given him, Frodo says that he will take the ring to mount doom and destroy it! And so there ends up to be nine people who join Frodo on his quest to destroy the ring they are:

Frodo and Sam of course,

Aragorn(Also know as Strider).



Merry and Pippin,

Boromir, and last of all:


There are some happy bits, sad bits, and cool bits and all of it is very, very, very good.

But it's not for little kids. In our family we have an age when someone can watch them and that is the age of 12.

Note: May Brother Saxon helped me with this post thanks Saxon!

God Bless


  1. That was very good, Vellvin! =D

  2. Doesn't sound like a movie for little kids. Doesn't sound Christian. Is it?

  3. nice review.
    Did you watch the extended lord of the rings or not.
    Did you know that they used the scream of a Tasmanian devil for shelob's scream.

  4. @Eldarwen thanks!
    @Annie no it isn't for little kids but I think it is a Christian movie.
    @Legolas thanks! No we didn';t watrch thwe extended edition but I want to! And no I didn't know about shelobs scream.

  5. Thanks so much for writing this, Vellvin! Just in time too, because the other day someone tagged me with a LOTR tag. ^-^ First tag I ever couldn't do.


  6. @Nana your welcome! Are you going to watch it?

  7. @Nana your welcome! Are you going to watch it?

  8. Everyone in my family watches it. Including my 4 and 6 year-old brothers.


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