Saturday, 7 November 2009

A Writers Daybook

I have decided to do this Daybook from Izori's blog so here goes
Entry 1

What time is it...6:36

I'm feeling...frustrated

Outside is...gray and chilly.

Today I...finished Halt's Peril

I am hearing...people talking

I am hoping...that we sell this house very soon please pray for this.

I'm looking forward to......Having a free Saturday and Sunday

I am glad that...Kynan went well with his exams and that Braedon will go well with his other exam

What I'm currently working on writing-wise...My NaNoWriMo

What I just finished reading...Halt's Peril
What I'm hoping to read...The rest of my Assinged reading

What time is it now...7:24

God Bless


Hello, please do comment won't you.? :)
I enjoy reading every single one, though I might not reply to them very quickly, be assured that I read and enjoyed each one.
God Bless! :)


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